The Clear Islam

About Us

The Clear Islam is the Dawah Division of Al-Furqaan Foundation, a registered religious nonprofit in Bolingbrook, IL, established to provide authentic information of Islam to every non-Muslim. The mission of this brand is to use different contact channels in various areas nationwide to enlighten, not convert, non-Muslims about the religion. Believing that the concept of Dawah, inviting people to Islam, is a significant responsibility upon the Muslims living in the West, The Clear Islam works to provide resources and Dawah training to any individual interested in Dawah activities.

Led by a Foundation that has been working diligently in the Islamic field for 20 years, The Clear Islam believes that it carries an advantage over other efforts because it doesn’t rely solely on the work of volunteers. For every person who does their part in doing Dawah, The Clear Islam ensures that their needs are provided, and offers guidance to keep the mission and overall structure of the mission intact as it always holds its doors open for Muslims wanting to gain Dawah experience, or using an opportunity that will allow them to serve their religion.